The impression of “a studio and gallery for the beauty surgery”. Photo credit: Wison Tungthunya & WWorkspace

WONJIN Aesthetic Surgery Gallery Clinic

Firm LocationBangkok, Thailand
Project locationBangkok, Thailand
CompanyA U N Design Studio
Lead ArchitectKhetkhun Yodpring & Preeyanuch Ruangsung
Design TeamLighting Design by Assoc. Prof. Phanchalath Suriyothin & Veerapong Eawpanich
ClientWonjin Beauty Medical Group (Thailand)

Today surgery is more than just a cure, but it is as meticulous as creating art on the human body. The design team of WONJIN clinic prompts clients the impression of "a studio and gallery for the beauty surgery". The design of WONJIN environment is carefully innovated from the concept of ‘symmetrical balance’ from beauty research in the early 1990s. The research study describes ‘the perfect beauty’ can be seen in our face configuration if dividing it in half and two sides are identical. This symmetrical framework led to the layout design, space identity, as well as curated artworks on site.