[Insitu Project - House of Dreams - COVER IMG] House of Dreams: Stage 1 / Insitu Project

House of Dreams

Firm LocationHong Kong, Hong Kong
Project locationZhoushan village, Henan province, China
CompanyInsitu Project
Lead ArchitectPeter Hasdell
Design TeamDesign team: Kuo Jze Yi, Peter Hasdell, Zhou Zihao, Arthur Tianjian Collaborators: Liang Jun, Ou Yang Xiu Zhen, Dong Lin, Jin Dou Dou, Dr. Ku Hok Bun, Zhou Xi Chuan, Zhou Xi En, Jing Xiu Fang, Guo Gui Ling, Zhou Hai Shan Partners: Insitu Project, School of Design HK Poly U, Henan Community Education Research Center - Liang Jun Team, China Research + Development Network, APSS PolyU, SAUP SZU
ClientLiang Jun, Ou Yang Xiu Zhen, Dong Lin, Jin Dou Dou: Zhoushan Community Group

The “House of Dreams” is an innovative community led revitalization of a cave area in Zhoushan China, into a Rural Development and Training Facility. The villagers named the project as the caves were their childhood homes. Completed in 2021, the project involved 19 caves, 3 large courtyards and three new service buildings built using recycled construction waste materials in walls and surfaces constructed by villagers with no construction experience. The project had 3 aims: 1. Reconstruction of the caves. 2. Recovery of traditions and skills. 3. Restoration of collective memories.