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Zhongshan Kaisa Mountain View Garden

Firm LocationShenzhen, China
CompanyGND Jiedi Landscape Design
Lead ArchitectZhong Yongcheng, Qiu Ge, Li Bing
Design TeamConcept design: Luo Feng, Zhang Aizhu, Pan Xiao, Liu Yun, Yan Xingxing, Zuo Chaohui, Lai Guilong, Yang Ke, Yuan Dongyang, Gong Haoze, Chen Minfan Garden construction design: Yang Shuguang, He Juyi, Zhang Jie, Xiao Zonglu, Yan Zongdong Plant design: Zeng Fengling Hydroelectric design: Zhou Peng, Hu Mingyao
ClientKaisa Group

GND Landscape took the surrounding advantaged environment as the basis and the city’s nature as a design image. Besides, mountainous and water elements were abstracted to continue the architectural language. Light and shadows were introduced into this space and establish connections between nature, space, and humans. Thus, an aesthetical experience gallery where modern architecture converses with the natural environment is constructed.