Strait Culture and Art Center

Firm LocationBei Jing, China
CompanyPES-Architects Ltd. & China Construction Engineering Design Group Co., ltd.
Lead ArchitectZong Wu Xu, Pekka Salminen
Design TeamZong Wu Xu, Pekka Salminen, Martin Lukasczyk, Yu Hui Song, Yue Xing Tang, Wei Xing Dong, Zong Rui Chen, Lin Li Lai
Client Fuzhou New Town Development Investment Group Co., Ltd.

Strait Culture and Art Center covers an area of 143485.78 square meters with a total construction area of 152601.48 square meters.The architectural inspiration that derives from the city flower of Fuzhou - Jasmine flower.The five main buildings form as the white jasmine petals,echo with the Liang Chu River landscape to present a magnificent Chinese painting of "water,moon and sky with jasmine flowers".The design rationally integrates unique structural forms and the unity of the use of space to reflect the strength and logic of the structure and to achieve economy and comfort in the space.