[Cobblestone Design Canada,Shanghai office - Hewang Wisdom Valley - COVER IMG] No.2 building

Hewang Wisdom Valley

Firm LocationShanghai, China
CompanyCobblestone Design Canada,Shanghai office
Lead ArchitectTingjie (Peter) Liu
Design TeamTingjie (Peter) Liu, Hu Tingjun, Dai Biao,Su Hui,Bai Jing, Li Yuansheng, Shi Yuan
ClientShanghai Gold Ring Industry Co.Ltd

" Hewang Wisdom Valley " is located in Baihe Town, Qingpu District, Shanghai, at the southwest corner of Waiqingsong highway and Baishi highway, adjacent to East Daying Port in the west and Silu River on the south. In 2019, Qingpu was included in the Yangtze River Delta integration strategic demonstration area and becomes the hub and bridgehead of Yangtze River Delta integration. The project of " Hewang Wisdom Valley " arose at this moment . " Hewang Wisdom Valley " is positioned as an industrial park with the headquarters of high-tech enterprises and high-standard general workshops.