[HZS Design (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. - Spring Forest Golden Town - COVER IMG] Spring Forest Golden Town , Enping

Spring Forest Golden Town

Firm LocationShanghai, China
Project locationEnping, China
CompanyHZS Design (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
Lead ArchitectFang Si
Design TeamXiaoli Liu、Zhiyong Chen、Ying Zhang、Qingqiang Lei

The future science & technology experience center is designed in a public building that occupies 1,500 square meters of land to accommodate functions of cultural exhibition, investment services through leisure activities, communications, etc., in Quanlin Golden Town, Enping, Guangdong Province. Its design demonstrates unique aesthetic beauties at a location surrounded with lush mountains, lucid water and close to the historic gold mining sites. The sales center and Fengru Aviation Culture Theme Experience Center are on the ground and second floor respectively.