[CPDA Arquitectos - CASA JARDIN ESCANDON - COVER IMG] Casa Jardin Escandon @Jaime Navarro


Firm LocationMexico City, Mexico
CompanyCPDA Arquitectos
Lead ArchitectJuan Pablo Cepeda
Design TeamEloisa Queijeiro, Luis Enrique Angeles, Agustin Perez, Patricia Juarez

“CASA JARDIN ESCANDÓN” located at 19 Agricultura Street in the Escandón neighborhood of Mexico City, the housing development is a mixed-use complex with Street level commerce. CPDA designed the project to live towards the interior of the complex a narrow but deliciously verdant inner courtyard is tucked into the spine complex, fostering a tranquil yet sociable feeling through the building. Four suites – each with a private green space – occupy the ground floor, with 10 larger three-storey apartments above.The townhouse style homes on the upper levels each feature a private rooftop garden