[Raul Sanchez Architects - Residence 0110 - COVER IMG] photo: Jose Hevia

Residence 0110

Firm LocationBarcelona, Spain
CompanyRaul Sanchez Architects
Lead ArchitectRaul Sanchez
Design TeamMarc Mares, Diagonal Estructuras
ClientRaul Sanchez

Residence 0110 is located on a typical Barcelona chamfered block. The project is a square, intended to be the heart of the house, and an adjacent triangle, making the chamfer’s rotation. There are only four rooms, as in the villas of Palladio. Simple geometries draw the layout, then materials come into play to multiply the sensations and increase the spatial complexity Black oak, brass, stainless steel, pink, gray, black marbles, leather, form a sober and elegant universe, at the same time with playful and fresh counterpoints, reflective and matt, smooth and rough, simple and complex: a home.