photo: Andriy Bezuglov

Samna Restaurant

Firm LocationKyiv, Ukraine
CompanyYOD Group
Lead ArchitectVolodymyr Nepyivoda
Design TeamDmytro Bonesko, Alexandr Kravchuk, Serhiy Andrienko, Masha Draga, Nataliya Babenko, Gleb Melnik, Yaroslav Pavlivskiy

Samna is a restaurant of Middle Eastern cuisine. It is located in the historic part of Kyiv. It occupies the basement and the first floor of a 1797 mansion. The restaurant has 5 halls and about 120 seats. Solid brick walls and arc domes define the aesthetics of the venue. The designers emphasized some authentic elements and created on their basis a new contemporary interior. There is plenty of copper there. It emphasizes the nobility of the place. They had to hide all engineering systems to manifest the character of the place. You can not see any wire inside Samna’s halls.