[JDWA (Johan De Wachter Architecten) - UPFIELD OFFICE ‘THE ATTIC’ - COVER IMG] View from the Villa over the Attic. @Sonia Mangiapane


Firm LocationRotterdam, Netherlands
Project locationNassaukade, 3071 JL, Rotterdam, Nederland
CompanyJDWA (Johan De Wachter Architecten)
Lead ArchitectJohan De Wachter & Marieke van Hensbergen
Design TeamHeejin Chung, Nicolette Marzovilla, Anna Kintsurashvili, David Zatloukal and Helen Devine
ClientUpfield (Rotterdam)

In 2017 Unilever demerged the margarine- and spreads department which continued as an independent company named Upfield. The Nassaukade site had to be reorganized, JDWA transformed a large unused attic and empty floors of the adjacent villa into office spaces. This transformation creates an office space with characteristic qualities by merging the old and the new. To create a dynamic workspace we challenged the standard office layout. The meeting rooms are designed as furniture pieces that create zones and the roof is partially replaced with glass offering light and a view over the river Maas.