Larissa Loden

PrizeHonorable Mention in Interior Design / Retail Interior
Firm LocationMinneapolis, United States
CompanyStudio BV
Lead ArchitectBetsy Vohs
Design TeamStudio BV Team: Betsy Vohs, Courtney Lehmann, Paola Oliveras, Tony Solberg
ClientLarissa Loden

The vision for the first store for Larissa Loden was to create a beacon for her customers, fans and a place to gather and create. The store and makers space is her first retail store as well as production, fabrication, office, marketing, and maker spaces. The design for the Larissa Loden store and maker space is about expressing the beauty of color, geometry and femininity. This is a place of delight. The design for the space was to create a space that was full of femininity, color, softness and curves. The design was intentionally separated from her design ethos, brand and products. This de