[Elkus Manfredi Architects - AEW Capital Management - COVER IMG] A small meeting room is located next to reception on the other side of the lobby from the boardroom, and features the same fumed eucalyptus on the wall and doors. © Evan Joseph

AEW Capital Management

PrizeHonorable Mention in Interior Design / Workplaces Interior
Firm LocationBoston, United States
Project locationBoston, MA
CompanyElkus Manfredi Architects
Lead ArchitectElizabeth Lowrey, FIIDA, RDI
Design TeamMEP-FP-TD-SEC: Vanderweil Engineers, Lighting: LAM Partners, AV: ACT Associates, Food Service: Colburn Guyette, Acoustic: Cavanaugh Tocci, Code: Code Red, Specs: Kalin Associates, Hardware: McCabe, Space Utilization: Herman Miller, Art Consultation: Emily Fine Art, General Contractor: Bond
ClientAEW Capital Management

To bring daylight deep into the interior, the designers turned the workplace inside out, moving private offices to the interior and positioning workstations and collaboration areas near the windows. A mix of private meeting rooms, offices, workstations, and collaboration zones form work neighborhoods, each of which features a communal “back porch” with views of Boston Harbor and the city skyline. Comfortable soft seating for casual meetings in one area is matched by expansive worktables in another. The workspace’s curated art collection is deeply supportive of AEW’s ESG commitment.