[noks - Grass . Wood . Flash . Sun in Cement - COVER IMG] Nature of sun, grass, flash and wood among cement space.

Grass . Wood . Flash . Sun in Cement

PrizeHonorable Mention in Interior Design / Workplaces Interior
Firm Location, Hong Kong
Lead ArchitectLok Wong
ClientClient provides cleaning service & eco-friendly insect killer. They request the design relates to concerns for environmental conservation & integrates green ecosystem concept into working space.

Grass . Wood . Flash . Sun in Cement brings together work, fun & nature. Logo is an ensemble interwove grass-like rug around cement. Insertion of 360° wood form embraced structure around meeting room engaged with sun-like orange table spreads energetic vibe. Flash-light ceiling lamp enriches brainstorming & ideas. Symbol of teamwork, black painted strip, connects everywhere inside workspace as a link among company & staff. Brilliant talks spread through common area by focal soothing central staircase & verdant façade interweaved by light & deep green ottoman cycles recurrence of life & bloom.