Wuxi Xuntang ancient town Shuxiang Mansion Hotel

PrizeHonorable Mention in Interior Design / Hospitality Interior
Firm LocationSuzhou, China
Lead Architect Jiang Miaoyi,Lee Yuqing
Design TeamTan Jianming,Ann Yang,Shao Wei,Shi Qin,Zhang Longfeng,Tu Jun

Xuntang ancient town is the epitome of a century old Wuxi, a gathering place for prosperous and lively goods exchange, and a charming cultural card of Wuxi. In the charm of white wall and black tile, it is as silent as the old man of time, telling the story of Mindu time. Cross the river of time, explore the cultural context of its origin and growth, stop on the four eaves under the patio, and listen to an ancient ballad gently. From the sunshine, from the years, let the old buildings have new vitality, carry out chic transformation on the original basis, respect history, respect architecture.