[Yalın Tan + Partners - Beymen Group - COVER IMG] Ibrahim Ozbunar

Beymen Group

PrizeHonorable Mention in Interior Design / Workplaces Interior
Firm LocationIstanbul, Turkey
Project locationIstanbul, Turkey
CompanyYalın Tan + Partners
Lead ArchitectYalın Tan
Design TeamMehmet Yasin Altındal, Cenk Altun, Mehmet Macid Aksu, Betül Tuğrul, Pınar Alper, Aygün Altun, Yaşar Güney
ClientBeymen Group

Yalın Tan + Partners was engaged for the workplace by upscale fashion retailer company Beymen Group in Istanbul. A workplace that reflects its brands and enhances its organizational culture with their embrace of flexible work environment , employees have a variety of working environments to choose from, depending on their needs. Addition to all functional and aesthetic features that embosed to the space, the basic and suddle color palette with natural wood and stone surfaces as accents creates a clean and cozy backdrop for creative work performed at the workplace.