[Brust+Partner - IT-Arena Barmenia Versicherungen - COVER IMG] IT Arena: Welcome Lounge / Photo: Thorge Huter

IT-Arena Barmenia Versicherungen

PrizeHonorable Mention in Interior Design / Workplaces Interior
Firm LocationBad Schönborn, Germany
Project locationWuppertal, Germany
Lead ArchitectSiegmund Dumm
ClientBarmenia Versicherungen

To the question "how will we work in the future", we believe the answer is: "together". Following this vision, the IT Arena of Barmenia Versicherungen became a place of connection. What was once a heap of confined office cubicles has been opened up to a coherent space of 1500 square meters. Its manifold interior consists of various open spaces, scattered with retreats for deep focus, meetings and creative recreation. All sides of the plane were raised to provide overview of the surroundings at any point, thus creating a lively sense of space and togetherness, just like in an arena.