[IF (Integrated Field Co.,Ltd.) - Exotic Food (XO) - COVER IMG] Photo by Ketsiree Wongwan, Courtesy of IF (Integrated Field Co.,Ltd.)

Exotic Food (XO)

PrizeHonorable Mention in Interior Design / Workplaces Interior
Firm LocationBangkok, Thailand
Project locationBangkok, Thailand
CompanyIF (Integrated Field Co.,Ltd.)
Lead ArchitectKanin Manthanachart
Design TeamKorkiat Kittisoponpong (Graphic Design Director), Thanapolpoj Rochnattakul (Interior Design Director), Chawisa Silapunt (Senior Interior Designer), Pattaricha Tammarak (Interior Designer), Nuttasit Meehokwong (Graphic Designer), Sophida Uajiraphongphan (Graphic Designer)
ClientExotic Food PLC

During pandemic where people are forced to stay away from each other physically and use their home as a workspace, the direction of office space was speculated to change with the tendency of it being less significant. IF, however, disagree with such a theory and our idea coincides with the belief of Exotic Food (XO) that office space will remain and become more important, even in the time when people no longer need to physically be at an office in order to work.