WOW Concept

PrizeHonorable Mention in Interior Design / Retail Interior
Firm LocationBarcelona, Spain
Project locationMadrid, Spain
CompanyExternal Reference
Lead ArchitectCarmelo Zappulla
Design TeamStefano Fontolan, Ilaria Rampazzo, Sebastian Amorelli, Vianella Maestra, Amin Bigdeli, Forum Shah, Ivan Marchuk, Francesco Sacconi, Gianmarco Daniele, Iacopo Neri
ClientWOW Concept

Shopping malls today are in crisis. Physical stores compete with the online world. Malls must become more attractive to continue to be a part of the leisure life of cities. WOW is an articulated project by External Reference, with a digital marketplace that complements the online shopping experience through interactive systems. It is a spectacular point of sale where each floor is unique and constantly changing, making WOW a theatre of retail, with an iridescent scenography. WOW, blends reality with fiction, the physical becomes digital, and shopping becomes an immersive experience.