Ud Las Palmas Training Complex_Masterplan

PrizeHonorable Mention in Landscape Architecture / Large Scale Landscape Projects
Firm LocationLas Palmas, Spain
CompanyLpa - Lab For Planning and Architecture
Lead ArchitectJuan Palop-Casado
Design TeamElisa Expósito, Pablo Sabater, Helia Suárez, Alberto Toret, Jenny del Pino Díaz, Cirilo Leal, Yolanda López, Elena Betancor
ClientUnión Deportiva Las Palmas, S.A.D.

UD Las Palmas training area occupies a former sand quarry and needs an urgent renovation of its facilities. The strategy of the new Brand training complex aims to transform this highly degraded space into a garden of local species so that the players will enjoy a pleasant natural atmosphere of trees and plants. The development of this plan encompasses a full set of solutions that includes eco-retaining walls, the intensive use of sustainable timber, the recycling of water, the use of SUDS (Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems), and the underground-integration of buildings into the landscape.