Hotel Natura Extension

Firm LocationLjubljana, Nazorjeva 6a, Slovenia
Lead ArchitectDean Lah, Milan Tomac
Design TeamDean Lah, Milan Tomac, Sara Mežik, Jurij Ličen, Nuša Završnik Šilec, Peter Sovinc, Jakob Kajzer, Rasmus Skov

Hotel Natura is one of the visitors' first points of contact with the sports and tourist resort Rogla. The existing hotel has not been completed in the past, so it is necessary to significantly increase the existing building to provide the necessary comfort of modern tourist accommodation. Designing the new section with an independent appearance but with a logical affiliation with the existing building, is therefore presented as a suitable solution. To achieve a recognizable character the facade is visually transformed into a timber gable roof, historically characteristic of the environment.