Sara Culture Centre

Firm LocationStockholm, Sweden
Project locationSkellefteå, Sweden
CompanyWhite Arkitekter
Lead ArchitectOskar Norelius and Robert Schmitz
Design TeamPatrik Buchinger, Maria Orvesten, Jens Hansson, Amanda Ersson, Gustav Söderberg Röstlund, Milla Nyström, Magdalena Stål, Maria Laakso, Nils Arvid Wiking, Martina Sovré, Clara Fraenkel
ClientSkellefteå Municipality

Housing venues for arts, performance and literature as well as a hotel, Sara Cultural Centre is one of the world’s tallest timber buildings to date. Located just below the Arctic Circle in northern Sweden, Skellefteå has a long tradition of timber building; this was the primary inspiration behind the international competition winning design for the city’s new cultural centre. The diverse program has called for a range of innovative solutions in mass timber construction to handle height, modularity, spans, flexibility, and acoustics, ultimately making the building net climate positive (LCA).