Chengdu Tianfu Art Museum and Chengdu Contemporary Art Museum

Firm LocationBeijing, China
Project locationChengdu, China
Lead ArchitectCan Zhang, Wenting Li
Design TeamXiaohui Zhou, Wenjing Liu, Jun Tang, Boyu Wang, Yan Yang, Zeli Jiang, Pengchong Jiang, Yuting Guo, Shasha Mou, Guangchao Li
Client Chengdu City Construction Investment & Management Group Co., Ltd

The creation of Chengdu Tianfu Art Museum is inspired by the city flower of Chengdu, hibiscus, mellow and elegant. The whole space is full of the power of tension, which also reflects on the interior design to show Chengdu dwellers’ tolerance, kind and love for art, as well as the cultural spirit of Chengdu City. On the contrary, the architectural massing and form of Tianfu Museum of Contemporary Art emphasizes on the towering mountains surrounding Chengdu. For example, its interior design can reflect the perseverance of Chengdu people with simple design language.