[Laguarda.Low Architects - Uniwalk Center - COVER IMG] © Sikang Architectural Photography Studio

Uniwalk Center

PrizeHonorable Mention in Interior Design / Commercial Interior
Firm LocationNew York, United States
Project locationShenzhen,China
CompanyLaguarda.Low Architects
Lead ArchitectJohn Low, AIA
Design TeamMarco Salcedo、Christopher Powers、Eva Poulopoulou、Won Shok Lee、Youbeen Kim、Chris Medina、Nnaemeka Mozie、Stepan Terzyan
ClientHoroy Real Estate Development

With high-quality brands, a fluid retail layout, and elegant design aesthetic, Uniwalk Mall is at the forefront of the commercial wave invigorating Shenzhen’s Bao'an Central District. The project is conceived as the intersection of water and earth, inspired primarily by water in motion. As water carves, smooths, and shapes rigid forms, a flowing harmony is achieved. This theme drives every aspect of the design from bulkhead to skylight. Each of the three day-lit atriums reflects a different expression of this theme: Source, Progression and Convergence.