[Adrian Chan Design and Research Office - Yin Yang Tai Chi Center - COVER IMG] Photo | Kevin Mak @ 1km Studio

Yin Yang Tai Chi Center

Firm LocationNew York, United States
Project locationHong Kong
CompanyAdrian Chan Design and Research Office
Lead ArchitectAdrian Chan
Design Team Tracy Lam
ClientBody Wisdom Studio

The world’s first venue designed to introduce the artform Tai Chi to a younger demographic. At risk of being forgotten, the center showcases Tai Chi as a cool activity like Yoga, conveying its culture. The floorplan represents 2 opposing forces: Yin and Yang. Yang space, receiving more sunlight, accommodates group training sessions, while Yin space, subdued, caters to holistic treatments. As Tai Chi is practiced in parks during the morning, Yang simulates this via daylighting, modulated by smart lighting. Balance space is for mingling, achieving a state of centrality for trainers and students.