[Iman Aminlari Architecture Studio - Maraajaan Gallery - COVER IMG] Maraajaan Gallery, Photographer:Mohammad Hassan Ettefagh

Maraajaan Gallery

Firm LocationIsfahan, Iran (Islamic Republic of)
Project locationIsfahan , Iran
CompanyIman Aminlari Architecture Studio
Lead ArchitectIman Aminlari
Design TeamMorteza Hassanzadeh
ClientMarjan Takesh

This gallery in Isfahan ,the city of history,art and adjacent to the street with historical places around had to be designed that inspires a new generation of artists,inviting and also arousing curiosity of passers-by.Curved forms make the space melodious, lighter and visually expanded.The idea of oval semi-open spaces with suspended walls was formed to provide flexible function and lighter space for better use in larger exhibitions,create dynamic atmosphere and circulation.Arches created,evoking arches of ancient bridges around it. Mirrors with the reflections have identity of old mansions.