[Daniel Joseph Chenin, Ltd. - Fort 137 - COVER IMG] Set in a remote location to the west of Las Vegas, Nevada, the brief was for a residence that established a direct connection to its surroundings.

Fort 137

Firm LocationLas Vegas, United States
Project locationLas Vegas, Nevada, USA
CompanyDaniel Joseph Chenin, Ltd.
Lead ArchitectDaniel Joseph Chenin
Design TeamEric Weeks, Kevin Welch, Esther Chung, Jose Ruiz, Grace Ko, Alberto Sanchez, Debra Ackermann, Julie Nelson

Located along the western most point of the Las Vegas Valley with unobstructed views to rugged surrounding canyons and mountains, Fort 137 is an environmentally conscious home comprised of a series of connected rock masses emerging from the earth. Panoramic glass doors on the north and south facades extend the living space beyond the architectural perimeter while providing cross-ventilation and daylighting, along with expansive views. Deep, louvered roof overhangs minimize heat gain by providing shade during summer months while allowing natural light to permeate the space during the winter.