[Concéntrico - Kali Coffee Roasters - COVER IMG] Kali Coffee Roasters Ambience / Jose Miguel Gonzalez - Apertura Arquitectonica

Kali Coffee Roasters

Firm LocationSan Pedro Garza García, Mexico
Lead ArchitectAlejandro Peña Villarreal
Design TeamAlejandro Peña Villarreal (Head Architect), Ana Rebeca Mata Ureño (Architect), José María Cuevas (Architect), Chiara Bartolacelli (Interior Design), Andrea Verastegui (Industrial Design), May Cisneros (Industrial Design)
ClientKali Coffee Roasters

Kali Coffee Roasters® is a Mexican company established by coffee producers. When analyzing the living conditions of the coffee field workers we stumbled upon their homes which are constructed with wood, dirt walls and handmade clay tiles. Using this clay tiles as part of the interior design on the walls, not only conveys their ways of life, but also offers a unique and warm texture that will function as an ambiance trademark for the brand. When the light is set against the texture, it acquires depth and its curved shadows resemble coffee beans, connecting the space to the product.