[A U N Design Studio - Reflection House - COVER IMG] Wison Tungthunya & W Workspace

Reflection House

Firm LocationBangkok, Thailand
Project locationBangkok, Thailand
CompanyA U N Design Studio
Lead ArchitectKhetkhun Yodpring & Preeyanuch Ruangsung
Design TeamPiraya Savetmalanond, Lighting Design by Assoc. Prof. Phanchalath Suriyothin & Veerapong Eawpanich

“Visualizing a boy running and playing with his friends in the neighborhood. They run into this house, walk in & out of those houses. Picturing adults leaning against the fence chatting and watching their children run and play.” These fond memories "reflect" the homeowner's childhood living experience and the relationship with his mother. After decades of being apart, growing up, and working abroad alone, the owner wants to come back to a home that facilitates his mother and himself, different ages living together in harmony. A house that suits 2 people and coexist for their ages and needs.