[External Reference & OnionLab - Spanish Pavilion Exhibition - COVER IMG] Adrià Goula & Aleix Fernandez

Spanish Pavilion Exhibition

Firm LocationBarcelona, Spain
Project locationDubai, United Arab Emirates
CompanyExternal Reference & OnionLab
Lead ArchitectCarmelo Zappulla
Design TeamCarmelo Zappulla, Aleix Fernandez, Stefano Fontolan, Jordi Pont, Sebastian Amorelli, Vianella Maestra, Amin Bigdeli, Marina Cella, Ivan Marchuk, Ilaria Rampazzo, Pablo Rovalo.
ClientAcción Cultural Española (ACE)

The reasoning behind the Spanish Pavilion Exhibition is that only a distributed intelligence and an universal awareness can move this world towards a new sustainable future. We have transformed these concepts into an experiential didactic exhibition tour, breaking the boundaries between design, art, and digital tools. The voyage has been designed in 2 different floors: the upper-ground floor with a more analog and mechanical approach, while the lower floor is the triumph of cutting edge technologies, and interactive content.