[Turenscape - A Floating Forest: Fish Tail Park in Nanchang City - COVER IMG] Kongjian Yu, Turenscape

A Floating Forest: Fish Tail Park in Nanchang City

Firm LocationBeijing, China
Project locationNanchang, Jiangxi Province, China
Lead ArchitectKongjian Yu
Design TeamYu Hongqian、 Fang Yuan、 Tong Hui Yu Hongqian、 Fang Yuan、 Tong Hui、 Jia Jianmin、 Wang Dezhou、 Wang Haixu、 Wen Xuanying、 Chen Lingxue、 Wang Rui、 Bang Minghui、 Chen Yunying、 Zhang Chao、 Liu Jiahao、 Wang Xiaoming、 Zhang Fan、 Jiang Jingri、 Yu Fumin、 Zhang Wei、 Chen Rao、 Lu Ang、 Li Bo、 Huang Songtao
ClientNanchang Gaoxing Zhiye Property Development Investment Co. Ltd.

A 126-acre badly abused landscape has been transformed into a dreamlike floating forest that regulates floods, provides habitat for wildlife, offers an array of recreational opportunities and a new way to connect with nature, creating a replicable model to address the multiple challenges of floods, habitat restoration and recreational demands. Perforated aluminum plate is the main material used in contemporary designs for the installed structures, bridges, platforms, pavilions and viewing towers creating an arresting contrast with the natural setting.