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Kongjian Yu, Turenscape

Design as Experiment: The Handan Wastewater Cleansing Terraces

Firm LocationBeijing, China
Project locationHandan, Hebei Province, China
Lead ArchitectKongjian Yu
Design TeamJinlei, Son Fei, Zheng Yakai, Wang Shufen, Liu Wei, Zheng Junyan, Meng Qingfang, Liu Yong, He Yuxuan, Ruan Tianzi, Li Zixuan
ClientHandan Municipal Government

An urban waste dump has been transformed into a designed experiment: a nature-based wastewater remediation system. Several types of constructed wetland were combined to form an immersive living landscape in which the correlations between design variables and ecosystem performance can be observed and quantified, while simultaneously yielding a landscape for exploration and education. The project showcases how wastewater and land can simultaneously provide clean water, ecosystem benefits and scientific data, as well as beauty.