Ruyi Bridge

Firm LocationChengdu, China
CompanyZZHK Architects
Lead ArchitectKe Zhang
Design TeamFan Chen, Jia Liu, Wenjie Zhen, Haochuan Ye, Bin Fan ,Keji Xian, Xianyan Deng, Zhengrong Zhang
ClientChengdu High-tech Investment Group Co., Ltd.

Ruyi Bridge's design concept is called the Sound of Panpipes, as the facade design is inspired by one of the traditional Chinese musical instruments called the Panpipes. The undulating and fluttering of the body resembles the fresh and elegant flow of music rhythm. The bridge shapes a functional urban sculpture. While viewed from the air, the bridge seems like a Ruyi embedded in the city. Ruyi is a Chinese traditional S-shaped ornamental object. Usually made of jade, Ruyi formerly symbolizes fortune. Bridge of such shape carries the meaning that all things are going smoothly with good luck.