Jin Wellbeing

Firm LocationBangkok, Thailand
Project locationRangsit, Pathumthani, Thailand
CompanyShma Company Limited
Lead ArchitectPrapan Napawongdee
Design TeamDesign Director - Prapan Napawongdee Landscape Architect - Napajorn Srichatsuwan - Worawe Jamsomboon - Pawida Bualert - Prueksachol Chutchawanchaiphan - Thita Cherdkiadtikul - Supika Sukjamsai Horticulturist - Supaluk Paorik, Tanee Sawasdee Construction Manager – Thitiwat Chintanavitch Client & Developer: Thonburi Wellbeing Co.,Ltd. Architect: Openbox Architects co., ltd. I
ClientClient & Developer: Thonburi Wellbeing Co.,Ltd.

Jin Wellbeing County is the first senior oriented mixed-use development in Thailand, comprising residence, future commercial area and hospital with over 40% of green space. To ensure activity dynamics, space planning is designed to create chance of meeting through gathering spot, edible garden, outdoor dining area along with jogging tracks and swimming pool. To conclude, Jin Wellbeing County is truly a living complex filled with serenity and multi-generation spirit amidst seamless harmony with nature, therefore, flourishing a good quality of life.