Fuzhou Youth Plaza Urban Renewal

Firm LocationShanghai, China
Lead ArchitectMinghua Xue、Lin Wang
Design TeamXutan Wang, Congxiong Yang, Shengli Lu, Hewei Shen, Yi Qi, Xueqian Ding, Yifan Yao, Na Zhou
ClientFuzhou Urban and Rural Construction Group Co., Ltd

Youth Plaza is located on the bank of the Min River.In order to strengthen the connection between the waterfront space and the historical district, we designed a continuous and complete viewing platform. We linked the Jiefang Bridge, the YMCA building, the surface parking lot, and Cangxia Park, and built a new pedestrian bridge at the entrance of Cangxia Park. The original surface parking lot is designed and transformed into a mulch parking lot, and the landscape platform is designed to connect with the waterfront space through landscape sloping treatment, forming a multi-level platform system