[mmcité a.s. - Reforma - COVER IMG] Reforma / mmcité


PrizeHonorable Mention in Products / Outdoor Products
LocationBílovice, Czech Republic
Companymmcité a.s.
Lead DesignerVrtiška / Žák
Clientmmcité is involved in the design, development and realisation of innovative street furniture projects around the world, with a portfolio including benches, litter bins, bicycle stands or shelters.

Because concrete is always on form. They usually stand in the nettles far from the nice places – ugly benches with concrete bases and plain wooden boards. Here is an attempt at a modern interpretation of this overlooked element. The simplicity and directness remain, adding refinement of form and subtlety of detail. The result is original and entirely contemporary design, but one that is archetypally familiar to all. There are two versions of the bench with backrest and one without backrest, which can be assembled in long rows or in an arch or circle, or installed on a wall.