Baiteng Mountain Ecological Restoration Wetland Park

Firm LocationShanghai, China
Lead ArchitectYang Lili, Luo Qiang, Chen Jian, Lv Yongpeng
Design TeamLi Yaqun, Yuan Jiamei, Li Xinjian, Huang Wenjuan, Gao Yang, Liang Yongxian, Xu Lei
ClientZhuhai Jinwan District Jianjin Ecological City Construction Co., Ltd. ,Zhuhai Jinyi Ecological Development Co., Ltd.

Conform to the concept of cultural inheritance, the original mountain and rock resources of the site are designed for mountain and rock landscape, and the elements of the site's mountain and quarry are retained, leaving the corresponding historical memory, reflecting strong humanistic care. Under the guidance of ecology and the concept of sponge city, ecological restoration and protection of the site are carried out. Through the series connection of multiple nodes, greening display, ecological explanation, and activity experience are integrated.