[Equipe Lamas - Ina armchair - COVER IMG] Haruo Mikami

Ina armchair

PrizeHonorable Mention in Products / Outdoor Products
LocationBrasilia, DF, Brazil
CompanyEquipe Lamas
Lead DesignerSamuel Lamas
Design TeamSamuel Lamas, Bruna Trivelli, Cristiana Brasil
ClientPatio Brasil Móveis

This minimalist outdoor armchair is designed within an architectonic and geometric reasoning. The aim is to create a light and confortable chair, with pure geometric shapes whose elements constitute its functioning. Its rectangular crossbars in solid wood create a perfect meeting point for the offset profiles that sketch the space aerially like a spider. The volumetric rationality is balanced with colorful fabrics that lend a softness to the atmosphere. Ina armchair is a honest and simple piece for a playful ambience.