Urban Design of Former CRRC Industrial Estate in Changchun China

Firm LocationChengdu, China
Lead ArchitectLiu Gang
Design TeamLiu Gang, Zou Ying, Lei Ting, Liu Renke, Li Yijia, Kong Chuijing, An Dong, Tang Xiaoting, Cui Fangdi, Liao Weitao, Niu Xi
ClientCRRC Corporation Limited

This project locates in Kuan Cheng Zi, Changchun, the Northeast of China.Kuan Cheng Zi, as a historical industrial base, has collected many manufacturing companies. The main challenge of this design is to integrate this isolated industrial park into modern metropolis and produce sustained vitality. After a thorough investigation all round this area, an idea afterwards, “to merge the industrial relics into community life” is proposed to deal with this challenge.