[Urban Planning & Design Institute of Shenzhen - Sungang Choochoo Garden - COVER IMG] Sungang Choochoo Garden

Sungang Choochoo Garden

Firm LocationShenzhen, China
Project locationShenzhen,China
CompanyUrban Planning & Design Institute of Shenzhen
Lead ArchitectWeidong Huang, Guangyu Yu
Design TeamJiajun Song, Tian Wu, Wenhui Xu, Yue Wang, Muyun Chen, Zhuang Gu, Sihan Huang,Xiang Lan
ClientShenzhen Luohu Sungang sub-district Office

Sungang Choochoo Garden is an innovative and practical project of micro-green space renewal and social governance exploration. Different from city parks, it provides a garden for people to share and participate in. With the concept of co-construction and sharing, it takes a garden as a bridge for neighborhood reconstruction. It not only realizes the micro-renewal of green space, more importantly, it transforms the abandoned space into an emotional field with social cohesion, enabling residents to have a sense of gain and happiness, and realizing the transformation from garden to home.