[Turenscape - Welcoming the Water: Tongnan Dafosi Wetland Park - COVER IMG] Kongjian Yu,Turenscape

Welcoming the Water: Tongnan Dafosi Wetland Park

Firm LocationBeijing, China
Project locationChongqing, China
Lead ArchitectKongjian Yu
Design TeamHuiyong Zhang, Fei Shao, Yaqi Zhang, Liming Chen, Ran Geng, Zhi Qing, Zong Jian, Zhang Mengyue, Shi Wen, Xiao Wei, Wan Zixi, Sun Jialiang, Zhang Liusha, Zhang Donghua, Cao Mingyu, Zhang Lei, Li Wentao
ClientChongqing Tongnan District Planning Bureau, China

Using a cut-and-fill strategy, the architect transformed a once-lifeless concrete river embankment and abandoned farmland into a flood-resilient wetland, creating a porous landscape of ponds and small islands that serves as the foundation for diverse riparian habitats and functions as a green sponge that regulates water between the monsoon season and dry season. Meanwhile a network of pedestrian paths, pavilions and other structures frames and transforms messy nature into an ordered web of lush vegetation with great diversity allowing visitors to have an immersive experience.