The Rock Cabins

Firm LocationBudapest, Hungary
CompanyHello Wood
Lead ArchitectPéter Pozsár
Design TeamProject Architect: Tamás Fülöp; Creative Board: András Huszár, Krisztián Tóth, Dávid Ráday

The Rock Cabins were built in Csóromfölde, a former farmstead in Hungary. Our aim was to build a cabin resort that blends in perfectly with the mystical atmosphere of the landscape, the organic shapes of the cabins creating the link between the natural and the built environment. Six unique cabins were built on the land offering high-level comfort for couples, with the apartments having their own kitchen, dining area, and shower directly connected to the infrared sauna. Each cabin has a large terrace facing the panorama, equipped with a jacuzzi for 2 people.