[Zephyr(us) Architects P.C. - Sunflower Town Center - COVER IMG] Photo by Yaoli Studio

Sunflower Town Center

Firm LocationBeijing, China
Project locationChangchun, China
CompanyZephyr(us) Architects P.C.
Lead ArchitectFu Dong/Lei Yuansheng
Design TeamDesign Team: Pan Anyi/Zhou Xiaodan/Gao Zhenquan/Li Xue/Du Xueyan;LDI:Shenyang Golden Compass; Interior Design:Beijing INFIISPACE design co.; Landscape Design:M.A.O
ClientVanke Changchun:Han Baogang/Liu Pai

Design aims to create a place differ in spatial scale,architectural image,landscape in urban life. We take local fields and gardens scene as starting point of design,try to dialogue with the irreversible urbanization process. The project is composed of flower houses, town center, tourist center and kindergarten,around a central green. Facades are divided into segments with similar block but vary in colors. Large glass curtain walls form the sight communications between indoors and outdoors.Pitched roofs create an interesting outline to imitate natural villages and towns in natural growth.