[IVRY SERRES ARCHITECTURE / BEAUDOUIN ARCHITECTES - Charles Nègre media library - COVER IMG] North-west elevation a reconstructed backdrop

Charles Nègre media library

Firm LocationSeptemes Les Vallons, France
Lead ArchitectIvry SERRES / Emmanuelle BEAUDOUIN / Laurent BEAUDOUIN
Design TeamIvry Serres Architecture (Ivry Serres, Benjamin Vassia, Hugo Marquet) / Beaudouin Architectes (Emmanuelle Beaudouin, Laurent Beaudouin, Farida Aroun, Aurélie Husson, Noémie Gaineau, Christophe Thierry, Charles Signe) / C&E Ingénierie – Structural engineering office / INEX – Fluid engineering office / TOUZANNE ET ASSOCIÉS – Economist / A.C.V. - Acoustician
ClientCity of Grasse

The city of Grasse in the south of France is particularly touching because of its picturesque urban characteristics: narrow streets, colours, freshness.... The Charles Nègre multimedia library is very attentive to the context, it is inspired by the material relationships of the urban fabric with a modern vision. The media library is designed as a space permeable to light. The reading areas receive subdued daylight softened by fluted columns in white concrete that completely envelop the building, giving an impression of gravity like a Chillida sculpture.