[BRAG arquitectos - Periférico 2008 - COVER IMG] Periférico 2008 / Onnis Luque

Periférico 2008

Firm LocationMexico City, Mexico
CompanyBRAG arquitectos
Lead ArchitectCristian Aguilar & Santiago Morales Broc
Design TeamCarlos García, Miguel Ramírez, Rubén Mendoza, Fernando Carnalla, Adrián Pájaro, Daniela Rivera, Cecilia Sosa.

Periferico 2008, is a multi-unit residential building, located to the south of Mexico City. The design of the building, homes are generated, surrounded by gardens, representing 20% of construction area of the project. The building was resolved by means of a parallelepiped 115.00 meters high with two large voids that are generated through subtractions creating green terraces for recreation, separated from a series of individual terraces, designed to plant about 200 trees, turning the project into the tallest vertical garden in the city.