[Raul Sanchez Architects - BSP20 house - COVER IMG] As a precious object, the brushed brass kitchen jumps off the wall. The stainless steel pipes can be seen on top, they will run all the building’s height. The three elements of the ceiling (wood panels, beams and plasterboard) can also be read/Jose Hevia

BSP20 house

Firm LocationBarcelona, Spain
CompanyRaul Sanchez Architects
Lead ArchitectRaul Sanchez
Design TeamValentina Barberio, Mares engyniersIngenieros, Diagonal Estructuras

Starting from a ruin situation, this tiny 4-story building located in Barcelona’s old center, had to become a place to live. As all floors slabs were removed, and the building was seen as a slender prism formed by heterogenous masonry walls, the idea of leaving them exposed became conceptual: these walls are a museum of the building's history, and any trace of its construction/use will be left unaltered. A sheet of glass will separate the new slabs from the main façade; the stairwell will be a 4-story void linking the entire interior and showing the surprising height of such a slender building