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The extension sets itself apart from the old building with modern architectural language / @ Dietmar Strauß, Besigheim

Residential and Commercial Building Renovation

Firm LocationTübingen, Germany
Project locationTuebingen, Germany
CompanyDannien Roller Architekten + Partner
Lead ArchitectMaren Dannien
Design TeamDipl. Ing. Maren Dannien, Dipl. Ing. Matthias Roller

Identity-defining architecture as a bridge between the past and present The neo-classical building conversion and extension blend into the historical context of the old town while retaining autonomy of style. The new building distinguishes itself from the old building with modern architecture language, yet forms a natural, integral part of the existing topography. Unfinished plaster matches the natural stone walls in the surrounding area. The green roofscape contrasts with the sculptural building structure, respectfully embedded into the terraced slope of Schulberg.