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Central semi private soho space towards Western tower ©Hervé Abbadie

105 Social Dwellings + 18 SOHOs

Firm LocationParis, France
Project locationParis, France
Company Moussafir Architectes + Nicolas Hugoo Architecture
Lead ArchitectMoussafir Architectes + Nicolas Hugoo Architecture

This mixed-use development of 105 social housing units and 18 SOHOs (small offices/home offices) is part of a new district built on the abandoned railyards at the edge of the historic centre. Our objective was to reconcile the high density of our city block and its environment with quality light and space for these new working and dwelling places. The project takes advantage of the site’s specific features to generate a semi-public space appropriated by inhabitants recalling the “friendly density” of traditional Parisian superblocks whilst the upper floor flats enjoy sweeping views of Paris.