[Austin Irving - SHED WORLD - COVER IMG] SHED WORLD No. 1, Hesperia, CA, 2021 by Austin Irving


PrizeHonorable Mention in Exterior Architecture Photography / Industrial Exterior
LocationCulver City, United States
StudioAustin Irving

SHED WORLD is a collection of large format photographs made on location at an outdoor showroom of pre-fab sheds just outside the high desert town of Hesperia, CA. With exposures ranging from 8 to 30 mins, this series is as much of a documentation as it is a meditation on these seemingly innocuous domestic sheds. When photographed at night, these structures are transformed into provocative, impermanent objects perched atop wooden pallets, ready for transport. All images in this series were made on 4x5 color negative with a Toyo Field camera.