Wanjian Village Children's Library

Firm LocationBeijing, China
Lead ArchitectJIANG Wei, MU Jun
Design TeamZHOU Tiegang,XIE Yuejiao, WU Yangchen, Tiffany LIM, Melanie PORRAS, CHEN Xiangyu,TAN Wei, GAO Yu
ClientChina Academy of Urban Planning & Design; Qianshan Housing and Urban-rural Development Bureau

In response to the issues of abandoned rural traditional dwellings and the serious problems of the left-behind children’s education, a joint team of architects, engineers, educators and social workers renovated and transformed an abandoned traditional house in Wanjian Village into a children’s library. The project aims not only to meet the demands for various education activities for left-behind children, but also to explore and demonstrate a feasible way for the revitalization and utilization of abandoned rural traditional dwellings towards a sustainable development of rural communities.