House of Music, Hungary

Firm Location1146 Budapest, Dózsa György út 41., Hungary
CompanyLiget Budapest Project
Lead ArchitectSou Fujimoto
Design TeamSou Fujimoto Architects, Nagata Acoustics, Real Studios London, Arato Acoustics, Steffen Armbuster (USUMO), Kathryn Johnson (V&A Museum), SFA Project team: Sou Fujimoto, Yibei Liu, Marie de France, Jane Luk, Marcello Galiotto , Nicolas Gustin , Nadine de Ripainse, César Márquez, María Biurrun, Piotr Pasierbi, Roberto Sanz Asensio, Rugved Rane, Duc Ngo
ClientLiget Budapest Project - Varosliget Ltd.

The House of Music Hungary, a unique and complex institution of musical initiation and the venue for the country’s first comprehensive exhibition presenting the history of music, opened in the City Park in January 2022. Although Hungary is famed for its musical heritage, no multi-faceted exhibition presenting the history of Hungarian music in the context of European music had been hosted in any Hungarian institution exhibition before this one. The iconic building, designed by Japanese star architect Sou Fujimoto was selected from among 170 international.